Preserving and protecting 100 acres of unspoilt ancient meadowlands, rich in biodiversity, in the Welsh Marches of Monmouthshire.

In 2000, we moved to an old farmstead in the middle of Blaentrothy Meadows. We were enchanted by the beautiful view and the ancient feel of the farm house, surrounded by untouched meadows and pear and apple orchards.

Blaentrothy Meadows were well preserved, but also intensively grazed by sheep. The wild flowers were hidden, and never had a chance to flower or grow, so we had no idea of the treasure that was to unfold. In 2010, the land began to be grazed by cattle and the change was astonishing – previously hidden flowers emerged and proliferated. Watch…

The rich varied flora has meant that a diverse population of insects has spread – birds, bees, butterflies, moths, and grasshoppers, among many other species, have thrived. Heath spotted-orchids spread from nothing to cover the fields in June with millions of flowers.

Watch this award-winning short film about the history of the meadows.

There are copses and streams which create their own populations of wildlife. In the Spring curlews come from the coast to nest in the Meadows, and the sound of larks and buzzards fill the air. Occasionally, red kites come swooping in. The cries of tawny owls echo through the fields on clear winter nights. Listen…

Our aim is to maintain The Meadows as a wonderful, natural environment for the flowers and grasses, and the many species that thrive on them.

Ruaridh & Caroline